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  • Decrease Risk of Cancer with a Ketogenic Diet

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    One of the leading causes of death all over the world is cancer. Based on some researches it has been found out that over 5 lakh of people die every year from cancer. This means, on an average 1000 deaths occur every day. Though the treatment of cancer is usually treated with the help of radiation and chemotherapy; however, some research has shown that an effective diet strategy can help to fight cancer. Interestingly, some studies have suggested that Ketogenic Diet Cancer can help to fight against the deadly disease Cancer.

    Despite tremendous advances being made in health care, some chronic diseases are still completely curable. Apart from the pills and therapies that are available for cancer, it is assumed that by regulating the metabolic functions within the body may help to treat cancer.

    Our ancestors didn’t suffer from such deadly diseases as their diet was fully nutritional. Nowadays, many Western cultures follow a diet plan which can be the source of cancer growth. Studies have shown that diet that consists of sugar feeds cancer and contributes to inflammatory environment. In fact, sugar can increase the risk of cancer. However, the research stated that Ketogenic Diet can starve the cancer cells. Thereby, helps to get rid of cancer cells.

    Ketogenic Diet Cancer

    How does Ketogenic Diet Work?

    Before one gets to learn about how the Ketogenic Diet Cancer works, you need to know about Ketogenic diet. The diet consists of high fat, a moderate amount of protein content, and very low amount of carbohydrate. It forces the body to burn fat instead of relying on glucose for ATP synthesis. The metabolic state that is created within the body is known as Ketosis.

    When food becomes unavailable for the body ketosis becomes beneficial. In fact, when the body adapts to the usage of ketone metabolism, the hormone present within the liver becomes efficient.

    Ketogenic Diet Starves Cancer

    A basic proposition shows that cancer cells need glucose in order to survive. However, carbohydrate and protein restriction drastically reduces the glucose level in blood. Thereby, the cancer cells start to starve. Thereby, Ketogenic Diet Cancer will put the body into ketosis and thereby help to cut down the supply of energy to the cancer cells. When cancer cells don’t receive the required amount of energy it starts to die.

    Understanding the Theory in Details

    It is a well-known fact that cancer cells love glucose as glucose can help them to survive. A healthy cell can easily switch to burning fats when required amount of glucose is unavailable in the body. But a cancer cell cannot make the switch easily and on the unavailability of glucose, it dies.

    Cancer cells have a high amount of insulin receptors on their cell surface. Thereby, cancer cells can easily consume a high amount of glucose from the bloodstream. So when a primary diet contains more amount of glucose the chance of survival of cancer cells get increased. Ketogenic diet can easily restrict glucose or amino acid and can lead to the starvation of cancer cells.

    For fighting cancer, Ketogenic Diet Cancer, when combined with other cancer treatment procedures, can starve cancer cells. High amount of ketone production can weaken cancer cells and lead to its death.


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